Thursday, April 27, 2006

Starting over after 2 weeks of basically breaking even and then blowing the majority of my FCP bankroll over the past few days...

No Limit Hold'Em
Buy-in: $5+.50 SNG
10 players
Finished 2nd-$15 (Net profit +$9.50)
Leak: Didn't take 1st
$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 7th-AT v AJ, A flop (Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: Committed entire chipstack unnecessarily early on average hand.
#22869136 vs YUHawing
$5+.50 SNG NL HE
2 players
Finished 1st-$10-66 v 22 (Net profit +$4.50)
#22869407 vs BigE---1
$5+.50 SNG NL HE
2 players
Finished 1st-$10-QQ v QT, JJ v JTs (Net profit +$4.50)
#22869847 vs Deftone420
$5+.50 SNG NL HE
Finished 1st-$10-QQ v AQs (Net profit +$4.50)
Three solid back-to-back-to-back H/U performances, making me 11-9, including my league match. But of course my league match is the one I get crushed in probably what is the league record of 10 minutes. Kept constant pressure on my opponents, backed off when I was played back at, and as the big hands show, got full action when I wanted it, taking down all matches in no more than 15-20 minutes.
$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 4th (Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: Down to 4, player kept moving all-in w/the big stack, finally called w/KJ, could have waited for much better spot and made the money.
#22876775 vs Ct.Chuckula
$5+.50 NL HE SNG
Finished 2nd (Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: Played way too fast out of the gate.
#22876914 vs fartsniffer8
$5+.50 NL HE HU SNG
(Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: KK v 67, I raise, get raised, re-raise, get called all-in, I turn a set, he rivers straight. Really. NHWPS. 11-11.
$20+2 NL HE MTT Midnight Oil
174 players
Finished 70th (Net loss -$22)
Limping too much early in the game, calling when I know I know I am either already beat or my draw will not be strong enough even if I do make it, ie getting over-attached to a hand. Leaks to continue to work on. Somehow manage to turn 190 into 1275 and I get a 2nd chance though. AA, up to 2575. Get rid of a TT that would have been the nuts on the river for a huge pot. QQ wins, very next hand KK loses to a 7 on the flop v 77. A3, flop 332, 4 turn, no call when I move. Make it to the break in 53rd out of 75. Down to 620 when I can't release 8s in the hole, just like before w/TT. KK v 99, 9 flop.
$10+1 NL HE MTT Rebuy 1+1
137 players
Finished 35th (Net loss -$31)
AKs beats AJs. Take one down from a bunch of limpers w/AK from the BB. Q high runs into the straight flush. Re-buy when my KK loses to a J6s(?), JJx flop. Add-on. 55 holds against AKs. Release 88 pre-flop to too much action-AK v AK v AQ-would've held again. AQ v AQ v 88, Q high flop. Limp w/AK and re-raise the big stack to take it down before the flop. JT flops 2nd pair and I outplay the button. AQ v TT.
$5+.50 NL HE MTT Plus 500
488 players
Finished 369th
Leak: Donk off my chips on an inside straight flush draw that becomes a pair on the river.

Daily Summary
Starting FCP Bankroll: $109.21
Ending BR: $51.71
Day's Net Change: -$57.50
Net FCP BR since 4/27: -$57.50

My UB account has $35.03 in it, after sending Zimmer his due. Also have $322.58 in Bonu$, which convert at a rate much too slow for my low limits, making them just as useful as the 184,704 play chips right next to them.


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