Saturday, April 29, 2006

Took a trip up to the redwoods to visit some friends. Might be a good place for me. If there was a better internet connection, that is. Good to see all the progress that the Mendo crew has made though-some of it really is a sight to see.

$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 7th (Net loss -$5.50)
Lost over 1/3 of my stack early so began moving on pots pre-flop with limpers. Apparently made the big stack mad, so he called my all-in out of the BB w/QJ after limping again, saying I HOPE I BUST YOU, and he did when the river paired his Queen and not improving my ATs. That's what I get in a 5 dollar SNG.

$20+2 Limit Seven Card Stud MTT
21 players
Finished 19th (Net loss -$22)
Get almost no good starters and can't complete a single draw for the life of me.

$10+1 NL HE Rebuy 1+1 MTT
155 players
Finished 97th (Net loss -$21)
Flop a pair with the 2nd nut flush draw but fail to improve and bust out.

Took down almost $200 in the ring game at the house afterwards in a little over 5 hours of play. Eli brought his girlfriend along and she did pretty well until her KK ran into Perkins' Varkonyi on a QQQ flop.


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