Monday, May 01, 2006

Back to UB...

Back over to UB since I've blown out at FCP again.

$5+.25 NL HE HU SNG vs halfpint333 (Net profit +$4.75)
A good battle, ends when my 33 sucks out a set vs TT, halfpint declines a re-match.

Pocket Aces takes one, on a K high flop. K7s takes another on a suited 7xx flop. Come close to doubling up in 40 minutes in a $.25/.50 NL HE game. (Net profit +$22.90)

$5+.25 NL HE HU SNG vs bustedAA (2-1)
Straights take the first 2 matches down, 1 apiece. Rubber match, more straights, back and forth, his Aces good, mine, no. 13-13 overall now-.500 ain't bad I reckon. But it would also still mean that I'm slowly losing coin. (Net loss -$5.75)

$10+1 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 5th (Net loss -$11)
Played it right, my 66 was sucked out on by an AK that wouldn't surrender on a rag flop.

$1+.10 PL Omaha (Unl.) Rebuy MTT $25 Added
93 players
Finished 61st (Net loss -$4.10)
Up to 7-8K then bust then up to about same after an all-in 5-way hand that I manage to win w/a baby flush! 10440 @ break after pocket Kings survive the board. QQ flops top set and holds; KK same but loses to 77 when his set becomes quads! Out when I make Broadway but opponent makes flush.

$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 7th (Net loss -$5.50)
Flop top pair, turn trips, opponent flopped small set.

$5+.50 NL HE MTT $100 Added
100 players
Finished 16th (Net loss -$5.50)
Sold Josh $25 and now he is at my table. Flopped baby flush vs AK making top pair to double up early on. 1/2 hr in and I'm @ 3500, Jiddy is @ 1880 after his AJ lost to a bad call that turned good for A8. He then doubles up wth TT. My QQ loses to a 6 on the river for 66. Wasn't paying attention and Jiddy has been halved. My KJ eliminates TT. Jiddy's out in 51st when his K7 scores a King but A7s makes the flush. 3540 @ the break. Pick up almost another thou 1st hand back in but can't get anywhere at the end.

Another losing day. Having no luck whatsoever online lately. At least I got some good friends to keep me company: Diesel, Kush, and Purps. A little more than 3 months and I'm up around $2700. Up a mere $70 after 107 hours of cash games. Up almost $2600 from tourney play. Not especially good though because the last couple weeks have been pretty stale. A big win or three would be real good about now...


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Dave said...

you have me beat, current BR is about $4 with a 580+20 sng ticket


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