Thursday, April 27, 2006

Definitely not helping my bad run any by making poor moves to further add to the defeats I've been subject to lately with the good hands I do have that get outdrawn. Pop it pre-flop w/AA, flop 88A, check all the way, laying the trap, bites on the river, possible flush? AQ, flop AAx, turn A, check it all the way again, re-raise the river, no call. Obviously have the fear put into my table now as I'm off to a great start for a change. Solid lead begins to dwindle though until I get it all-in w/66 v 88 as a big dog, but I flop a 6 then turn the case 6! 99 v JJ hurts. Too bad this is all a micro-level SNG instead of the Aussie or the $10 1+1 I took the max in or any of the other low buy-in MTTs I busted out of tonight. AK v KQ v KTs, Ace and a King on the board then I make a stupid call w/AJ v QQ. KQ v K9, 9 on the river to put me out in 3rd. Still can't finish even after an early lead. Get a couple pairs of Ladies to finally gain some ground in a $20 MTT w/109 entrants after getting shoved around early in the match. AJ on the button flops top pair in a raised pot. KK gets outdrawn by 44 for a small loss then I get it back when I turn a Q w/KQ v AJ. River trips for a little more. 5220 @ the break, 11th out of the 35 left. Man, I really need a solid one for the win column. AQ gets me into 7th. I fold a 66 on an unhelpful flop and watch as it would've made a set on the turn then I play ATs big and it cuts me in half. Move w/99, get called by AT (started sweating-especially when my screen momentarily froze before showing the flop!), board makes 8 high straight, putting me back in 8th! Have to chop a big one w/AQs v A5 when the board double-pairs-bullshit. No action w/KK on the button pre-flop. Same amount of chips (actually +80) as at the break but 14th out of 24 now. Have to abort a pair of Jacks on the flop to a re-raise, then move w/99, called by AK, K on turn, out in 23rd. And we lost our softball game to top it all off. I went 3 for 3 though, 3 runs, 2 doubles, a couple RBIs too.


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