Sunday, April 30, 2006

Negreanu Protege Named!

After a grueling 11 hours at the World's Longest Ever SNG, Brian Fidler (a Connecticut boy!) was crowned the Daniel Negreanu Protege! Congrats bro! It was worth watching it all for the hilarious 80+ page thread in the forum! Matthias was unfortunately knocked out in 3rd place. Good game all!

Flop top pair w/my Jack but know I am up against QQ or KK (is the correct answer), get the nut flush draw with one card to come, and go for it, to no avail in a MTT. Still fail to make the money in the Oil as well. 34th. QJ v QJ v 22 on a QT2 flop. KQs all-in then gets run down by AJ making a straight on the river as I am unable to protect my top pair on flop.


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