Sunday, May 07, 2006


Love/hate relationship, much like disco. Calling stations pay you off 4 out of 5 times, that last time they suck out on you big-time. Example: 99K flop, if someone check-raises, they very likely have a 9 in their hand, right? But the fish will call all the way with the King, even after the re-raise and continued heavy betting. No 2nd K on the board and I'm money. Then playing 7 Card, I am dealt JT(J) and raise, betting solid again on 4th as fish still shows rags on, fish gets K on 5th street but checks, not representing making Kings so I move, fish calls and flips a pair of 7s, gets a King on the river to make 2 pair while I don't improve. Ugh.

Luckbox's streak of terror is now over. After making receiving 2 Kings on the board to match the 2 in his hand in the 2nd hand of the 1st freeze-out last night, Perkins went on to win that one and then roll the dice like he was blessed right after. But I beat him in the 2nd match when we got to heads-up. And Jiddy won the last one.

Was going to try to make a run at the 101 in Petaluma last night since I had to go up that way but decided against it as I felt I was too tired to make a proper go at it. Maybe hit the Grand or even Kelly's out in Antioch tonight for a bit...


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