Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Been playing a little tourney poker online and have been going from chip leader to bubble boy repeatedly, after making some donktastic moves. $1 NL has been a little better this morning online, playing pretty tight, 1 major hand to double me up in the 1st hour: AK v A3 on an A3K flop. Plus it's cashed my next $40 bonus. 2nd hour turned the nut flush and flopped a set of deuces but couldn't get paid off on the river; lost that profit back on a weak pair of Aces and a couple misses. Like my 72s that flops a pair w/the flush draw (but I knew if I hit I would get paid by the top pair). And a misclick that thankfully only cost me a few dollars. Get sucked out on a couple times and then make a poor bluff moving into hour 3. Keeps going further south as more pocket pairs flop overs and big cards get no help. Flop top & bottom pair and I check-raise to $25 into a pot of almost $15 with 4 players. 1 caller and the middle card pairs on the board and fucks me in the ass. AK tries to buy a pot without a pair, putting me all-in on the river w/TT, doubling me back up to $100. Same player calls my top pair, big kicker down for a little more. And again when I make trip Aces on the flop. Bet a flush on the come that spikes on the river. Then I flop quads w/44 the very next hand. Flop a set w/33. JJ very next hand. I leave after 3 hours +$70. That covers the online tourney buy-in losses of late. Watch AA beat KK for a $130 pot as I'm leaving-that is always the worst. A $90 pot, same winner/loser again, moments later, QQ v AK. 2 finals down, 2 to go. Thinking about doing a couple days down in Carmel/Big Sur on my break.


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