Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Decided to play some more. Bounced out of a MTT when AJ raises, I move, called behind me by QQ and KK and another AJ, and an Ace makes its way onto the board. Go for some H/U practice, 0-2. 1st one lasts awhile and we get it in when I'm over 60% favorite. But my opponent flops a higher pair. 2nd one lasts all of maybe 7 hands-I get it in as a slight underdog but opponent flops a set. Qualifier for a $30 tourney ticket for $5-in the lead by over 13K at the break w/5 remaining. Like I can't miss a flop. The rest of the chips on the table don't even amount to what I have-I could just sit out for the rest...


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