Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Theresa's KK finally held out against my AQ in Ryan's weekly game, which she went on to win. Me, it's been up and down over the past few days, unable to make any progress really. Lost some online then made it back at the house. Get to play in the Neg-O before softball this week, hopefully maintain my current standing.
29th this week, after a great first hour of play putting me in the top 10, I run into one of Randy's boys holding AA against my QQ and I'm down all the way to starting. Call AK's all-in but my 6s get outflopped.

Find out I will in fact be receiving $75 for my 3rd place finish in the CP Rep freeroll. Also submitted this blog as a sample of my writing in hopes of somehow being rewarded with a chance at a WSOP internship this summer! (Hint, hint, John-check out the CardPlayer link I added too!)


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