Monday, September 11, 2006

2 B+'s and a C for the summer-I'll happily take it. $300 for a belt & pulley & new spark plugs for da jeep-boo.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Life is full of surprises

Just received a text message on my phone saying to go out to my mailbox and lo and behold, there really is $380 in it from Andre Parishan. He says 3 weeks from now and I'll get the other half as well. Almost a year later is better than never.

Luckiest Loser

Took down the FCPHUL Lucky Losers freeroll this morning! Woke up extremely groggy but came through at the end to win not only my $500 entry fee for next season but a $20 sidebet with Gary when we got H/U. And he thought he could beat me with my own magic on the last hand-bah. CC Riders Rule!

Took 2nd out of like 30 in a Qualifier for a $100+8 ticket off a $16 buy-in @ FCP. Then proceeded to pick up an extra hundy or so playing short-handed at the house again. FCPHUL Lucky Losers freeroll in the AM then the Protege Seat 8 Qualifier in the afternoon. Got a little dough riding on the Giants (vs Colts) tomorrow night as well.