Saturday, May 06, 2006

Up $150 after 6 hours. Blackjack gave me a good bump somewhat early in the game-push on a bet of $12 and double my bet to $24, dealt 66 against dealer's 2 showing, split so I have $48 out there, 1st 6 gets a 5 so I double that one and now have $72 out there, 2nd 6 gets a 3 so I add my last $4, Ten on my 11 and an Ace on my 9! Not a good night for B-Mo. But my luck runs out and I find myself down to even before getting a late night boost. 1st time ever being dealt AAKK in Omaha (and it actually doesn't get run down because I push hard with it on a fairly decent flop for it). River Broadway for the nuts against KK and JJ (who made a set) for a monster pot in Double Flop Omaha (?!) after flopping Aces up on one side and 9 outs for a straight on the other. Get lucky again in No-Peek. Perkins' luck continues to hold though as he posts another big win.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Decided I've been playing so much online poker this year that it's time to take a break. My recent online slide has also contributed to this decision. I'm still gonna play at FCP for the Neg-O, FlopTalk's weekly game, and my FCPHUPL matches. I'm sure I'll end up playing a little more than that as well, a few SNGs and MTTs here and there and some more heads-up practice. But I'm gonna try to take my game live more and see how that goes. I've got solid wheels now and I think I ought to take advantage of that new element to my game, finding some new action out and about. But first things first, a little fun at home tonight with some cards and some friends for Cinco de Mayo...

Talked to an old friend yesterday and found out not only is she getting married but she is also preggers too! Tried to get ahold of her after Katrina because I knew she had been overseas at the time but to no avail until she called me out of the clear blue and informed me of the latest developments in her life. Unfortunately her home took some severe damage and she's trying to work that out now but the flip side of the coin definitely merits a hearty congrats Lyn! God bless.

My online tourney play has been the weak link in my game lately as I am either getting screwed by the cards that come or I am just donking myself out while my ring game has been keeping me out of bankruptcy surprisingly. Interesting turn of events.

Went to all my classes today even though I started fading heavily at the end during Math. Got my first major paper assignment back in my English class with a B+ on it and found out my rushed attempt at my Art midterm exam scored an A+!?! English midterm coming back next week as well as taking my Sociology midterm.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

There’s a guy who lives in Indiana.
One morning he wakes to hear a voice in his head. The voice says, “Quit your job, sell your house, take all your money, and go to Las Vegas.”
He ignores the voice and goes to work.
Later in the day, he hears the voice again.
“Quit your job, sell your house, take all your money, and go to Las Vegas.”
Again, he ignores the voice.
Soon he hears the voice every minute of the day.
“Quit your job, sell your house, take all your money, and go to Las Vegas.”
He can’t stand it anymore, so he takes the voice’s advice.
He quits his job, sells his house, takes all his money, and flies to Las Vegas.
As soon as he steps off the plane, the voice says, “Go to Binion’s Horseshoe.”
He goes to the Horseshoe.
The voice says, “Buy an entry into the World Series of Poker.”
He puts up his $10,000 and buys a seat in the tournament.
He goes to his assigned table.
In his first hand the guy is dealt the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Clubs.
The voice says, “Go all in.”
He pushes his entire $10,000 bankroll into the pot.
Three players call.
The dealer lays down the flop: 9, 10, Jack, all Hearts.
The voice says, “Fuck.”

Cracks me up every time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Solemn Vow

I will start homework assignments earlier than midnight the night before they are due.

I will attend all classes.

I will quit smoking cigarettes. Soon.

My favorite day!

Negreanu Open today! And Daniel is playing! Looks like it's gonna be a big one, what with the exposure of the whole Protege promo just happening and all. Lemme tell ya, I sure do love playing oker! Noticed my hat was missing something yesterday-frickin' hysterical! Had a big game last night here, 10 players at one point! Went to Yardbirds and bought a hanging fluorescent shop light and hung it from the ceiling over the table before the game. Had to rebuy like 3 hands into the game when the very 1st hand of the night, I held a set of 5s on the flop to Daron's set of Jacks then committed myself to a pot w/JJ in the hole but Daron once again had me dominated w/AA, both times in Omaha. Went down deep then towards the end of the game I rebounded big-time, coming up about $100 in the end. It all turned around for me during a wild game of 7 Card No-Peek that I ended up winning a huge pot on. I then sacked another monster with quads-flop AQT, check, Perk checks behind me, turn Q, I bet $4 w/my trip Qs (into a $4 pot), Perk raises like $30 (w/an Ace he said), I re-raise him all-in for another $100 or so I think it was, obviously representing holding the Queen, but he called anyway, surprising me-but a good surprise nonetheless as the river brought the case Q. Very next hand, Daron got 4 deuces w/22 in the hole. After scooping those two big pots, it was all pretty much smooth sailing for a change-taking pot after pot, making pairs, sets, flushes, hitting something almost every hand and just keeping the pressure on-for what was left of the game, as we finally ended the session around 6AM. Suckout of the Night: A $400 pot pre-flop pot-Perk raises $5 with his baby cards, Daron re-raises another $20, Perkins moves, Daron calls, Daron shows AAKJ, Perk shows 3467, flop 337. OMFG. Reminiscent of a late-night all-in pre-flop pot for around $600 in the first year here, playing $10/20 NL HE, Ben pushes all-in w/23, Brian calls w/JJ, Ben rivers a Wheel. I got to suck a big one out against Ben when he had me dominated w/A9 to my A5 but the board showed AT7K7. Holy crap, 178 registered for the Neg-O, and rising still!

214 entrants, wow. Negreanu bounty. Big points today, big payouts, even $50 extra for each finalist tonight in honor of FCP reaching 1,000,000 posts. Got Lois, a Protege finalist at my table to start. Start off poorly when my top pair runs into a straight that I can't put my opponent on. Get a chunk back with a set of deuces on the flop then JT puts me back to even. Out in 160th when my AA runs into a T high flop vs TT. Motherfuckingsonafagoddamnstinkingwhoreslutbitch! BROCCOLI!

The Rusty Trombone is now 2-1, thanks to another forfeit by the opposing team, so we just had another pick-up game. Lamest season ever. Forgot to not slide in the dirt in shorts and now my knee won't cease bleeding. Down to 4 in the Neg-O, jawa_lives, the player who sucked out on me is still in it so he owes me his thanks for starting his ascent. And jayboogie, who knocked out DN as well as a pair of Aces in a huge all-in multi-way pot with an OFFSUIT SEVEN-DEUCE.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Not quite this high in my hood but $20 got me 6 gallons this morning.

I have been dumping big leads in tournament play lately like a goddamn fish. The MTT last night I blew, I tripled up early in a $10 SNG then managed to donk out in 7th, and right now I was up to over 6K in a MTT and I dropped it to half moments before the break like a moron. The online downward spiral continues to spin lazily into oblivion...

Took down a monster pot w/KQs vs K9 and AK, get it all to the center 3-way on a KxQ flop, turn Q, river blank. Much better. Let's see if I can avoid the blowout...

KK beats TT even when a T spikes the turn as a 4 flush lands on the river!

AA gets snapped by KQ on a Q high flop and I lose a 16K chip pot when a K shows on the river. Make a move with an Ace high and a Wheel draw (more out of frustration at the previous hand) on a J high flop but KK is obviously not going anywhere and I'm screwed again. It's OK, I was supposed to be leaving in 4 minutes for dinner at Daron's mom's house. Still annoyed though.

Fun Fact of The Day!

"20% of all South Korean adults are likely problem or pathological gamblers." -Hyun Hwang, program manager, Asian Counseling Services, Tacoma, WA

Raise your hand if you fall into that category!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Added $50 to my UB account since Jiddy was playing there tonight. He is now set for online gaming-dear God. Man, sometimes the donks kill me, sucking out on me, ie JJ raise pre-flop, called by KQ, flop all rags, move on the pot, KQ calls off all their chips on overs and hits of course. Other times the donks pass their chips over like the good donks they are, ie same guy calls my pre-flop raise, I flop top set w/QQ, he puts me all-in w/AK, thanks pal. Sweet revenge. Very next hand I have 88, flop 876, I give the pot a little nudge to help it grow, and to see where I am, turn 6, full 3-way action from 67 and 9T (I just flat-call everything as my opponents put me all-in) tripling me up to 15K in chips! And I was thinking how I might have to get rid of my hand if the board didn't pair for me because of the goddamn straight possibility. 2nd at the break...

Hand #31492387-49 at Tue2amA-003 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 02/May/06 02:43:13
evilburt is at seat 0 with 1625.
artofthedrago is at seat 1 with 7480.
Taurusranger is at seat 2 with 0 (sitting out).
Magicast is at seat 3 with 3740.
H_Fel is at seat 4 with 3715.
El Card Shark is at seat 5 with 1325.
Hedonist X is at seat 6 with 2765.
MrTBig is at seat 7 with 900.
Lex29 is at seat 8 with 1900.
bransan is at seat 9 with 1145.
The button is at seat 4.

El Card Shark posts the small blind of 20.
Hedonist X posts the big blind of 40.

MrTBig calls. Lex29 calls. bransan folds.
evilburt folds. artofthedrago calls. Magicast
calls. H_Fel calls. El Card Shark folds. Hedonist
X checks.

Flop (board: 7d 6d 8h):
Hedonist X checks. MrTBig checks. Lex29 bets 40.
artofthedrago raises to 80. Magicast re-raises to
120. H_Fel calls. Hedonist X folds. MrTBig folds.
Lex29 calls. artofthedrago calls.

Turn (board: 7d 6d 8h 6h):
Lex29 bets 40. artofthedrago calls. Magicast raises
to 300. H_Fel re-raises to 560. Lex29 calls.
artofthedrago calls. Magicast goes all-in for 3580.
H_Fel goes all-in for 3555. Lex29 folds.
artofthedrago calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
artofthedrago shows 8s 8d.
Magicast shows Ts 9s.
H_Fel shows 6s 7c.

River (board: 7d 6d 8h 6h 4h):
(no action in this round)

artofthedrago has 8s 8d 6d 8h 6h: full house, eights full of sixes.
Magicast has Ts 9s 7d 6d 8h: straight, ten high.
H_Fel has 6s 7c 7d 6d 6h: full house, sixes full of sevens.

Hand #31492387-49 Summary:
No rake is taken for this hand.
artofthedrago wins the main pot 11965 with full house, eights full of sixes.
artofthedrago wins the side pot 50 with full house, eights full of sixes.


AK, flop AT8, big bets pre-flop and all through the hand, river 8, opponent who called all the way shows 38s. Lose around a third of my stack. The donks are at it again. Trip Queens w/the Varkonyi gets me back some. QQ gets a bad flop so I release it. Suck out a flush on a set and the river doesn't pair and I'm up to 17K. Flop trips w/a trash hand and can't get any action. Fold AKs pre-flop, would've flopped the nut flush vs AK and KK after the 2nd break. No action on my QQ re-raise before going to the flop. 88 gets in a little trouble. KQs v AJ puts me out in 39th for a whopping $3 profit. Hooray for me. Looking back I played much too tight towards the end of the tournament and that was probably what cost me a better finish. A solid lead blown.

Sloshr defeats Negreanu!

Daniel holds 23 and gets it all-in before the flop, Scott holds A2, flop A45, 6, 3! Scott was down twice in the match and rallied both times, eventually emerging triumphantly and bringing all teams in our division to 1-1 records after the 2nd week of play. Well done Scott-Bravo!

Got my spiffy new blue cap from FCP today-and the Flexfit fits my big dome rather comfortably I must admit. Also thanks to my many posts (actually close to 100 throughout the day, mostly) in the Protege Webcast thread I get to jump from "Nut" status to that of "Groupie." Word. Still (barely) maintaining Top Ten position in the Neg-O stats. Scott faces off with Daniel tonight in this week's FCPHUPL Monday Night Challenge...

Butcho22 is a real douchebag BTW. Hopefully most of you will never get to experience his retardation first-hand.

Back to UB...

Back over to UB since I've blown out at FCP again.

$5+.25 NL HE HU SNG vs halfpint333 (Net profit +$4.75)
A good battle, ends when my 33 sucks out a set vs TT, halfpint declines a re-match.

Pocket Aces takes one, on a K high flop. K7s takes another on a suited 7xx flop. Come close to doubling up in 40 minutes in a $.25/.50 NL HE game. (Net profit +$22.90)

$5+.25 NL HE HU SNG vs bustedAA (2-1)
Straights take the first 2 matches down, 1 apiece. Rubber match, more straights, back and forth, his Aces good, mine, no. 13-13 overall now-.500 ain't bad I reckon. But it would also still mean that I'm slowly losing coin. (Net loss -$5.75)

$10+1 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 5th (Net loss -$11)
Played it right, my 66 was sucked out on by an AK that wouldn't surrender on a rag flop.

$1+.10 PL Omaha (Unl.) Rebuy MTT $25 Added
93 players
Finished 61st (Net loss -$4.10)
Up to 7-8K then bust then up to about same after an all-in 5-way hand that I manage to win w/a baby flush! 10440 @ break after pocket Kings survive the board. QQ flops top set and holds; KK same but loses to 77 when his set becomes quads! Out when I make Broadway but opponent makes flush.

$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 7th (Net loss -$5.50)
Flop top pair, turn trips, opponent flopped small set.

$5+.50 NL HE MTT $100 Added
100 players
Finished 16th (Net loss -$5.50)
Sold Josh $25 and now he is at my table. Flopped baby flush vs AK making top pair to double up early on. 1/2 hr in and I'm @ 3500, Jiddy is @ 1880 after his AJ lost to a bad call that turned good for A8. He then doubles up wth TT. My QQ loses to a 6 on the river for 66. Wasn't paying attention and Jiddy has been halved. My KJ eliminates TT. Jiddy's out in 51st when his K7 scores a King but A7s makes the flush. 3540 @ the break. Pick up almost another thou 1st hand back in but can't get anywhere at the end.

Another losing day. Having no luck whatsoever online lately. At least I got some good friends to keep me company: Diesel, Kush, and Purps. A little more than 3 months and I'm up around $2700. Up a mere $70 after 107 hours of cash games. Up almost $2600 from tourney play. Not especially good though because the last couple weeks have been pretty stale. A big win or three would be real good about now...

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Negreanu Protege Named!

After a grueling 11 hours at the World's Longest Ever SNG, Brian Fidler (a Connecticut boy!) was crowned the Daniel Negreanu Protege! Congrats bro! It was worth watching it all for the hilarious 80+ page thread in the forum! Matthias was unfortunately knocked out in 3rd place. Good game all!

Flop top pair w/my Jack but know I am up against QQ or KK (is the correct answer), get the nut flush draw with one card to come, and go for it, to no avail in a MTT. Still fail to make the money in the Oil as well. 34th. QJ v QJ v 22 on a QT2 flop. KQs all-in then gets run down by AJ making a straight on the river as I am unable to protect my top pair on flop.

Protege Webcast w/Bonus Prize
$10+1 NL HE MTT
151 players
Finished 92nd (Net loss -$11)
TT ran into JJ on an undercard flop.

FlopTalk's Weekly Game
$5+.50 NL HE MTT
11 players (1st time 2 tables!)
Finished 6th (Net loss -$5.50)
Flopped trip 5s but there was most likely no way of pushing KK out off the flop and the K on the turn did me in completely.

After busting at FCP last night, I re-upped with $50 today. Downward spiral continues at FCP. Watching the Protege Webcast-Matthias is still in the running!