Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ended up playing a few hours of 3-way. Action has sort of been stagnant around here last 2 weeks. Even went on to play about an hour H/U w/Jiddy. Finished +$100 for the night. Watched the remake of Fun With Dick & Jane. Cute but nothing special.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Redeposited some loot @ FCP only 'cause they got the bestest Poker Room Manager in the Whole Wide World there! But then AA crushed my KK for $50 at the $1 NL table and then again late in a MTT. Bleh.

8 weeks down, 5 to go in this session of the Negreanu Open. I've FTed 2X, donked 2X, missed 1, and made the top 30 3X. 2nd, 117th, 29th, 160th, 3rd, 23rd, 22nd. Man, if I hadn't missed that 1 week I could be in 2nd-still maintaining 3rd after Jawa and the Cuke. Same familiar faces every week but with growing random fields. Just gotta be steady...

Bonds is claiming racism has interfered with his breaking the Babe's record. If you were White Barry, I'd probably hate you even more. So shut the fuck up. My teacher finally fixed my grade. Yes, finally, at the end of the subsequent quarter. After losing my final paper. Which I actually submitted early. Who's the slacker? I ended up with a little better than a 3.0 for the winter quarter, so on paper, it sure ain't me! Powe is leaving the Bears for the NBA. Oh well, not like he was there to help the squad last season really. His talent will be missed though. Taken the past week off from playing poker for the most part and it's been good for my head I think. Little down-time and I'm ready to get back in the game again now. Why are squirrels so stupid? Sitting on on the opposite side of the road, I slow down just to make sure it doesn't dart in front of my tires, and the dumb creature does anyway at the last second. I should of smushed the little retard. I'll tell ya, theres's nothing like seeing the ol' Red & Blues flash on right behind ya in the rearview to get the blood pumping while I'm making like Henry, rolling down the mountain, going fast, fast, fast! Got some exciting news but I'm gonna save it till it's official-I so hope it works out...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


TT knocks AAsnake out early on a 9 high flop. Looking at the results from last session, I ended up in 67th, my best finish was the first time I played (16th). Still with yet a month to go, I am doing enormously better this time around. KK in the SB, opt to flat-call a raise pre-flop, flop comes all spades with a King (as well as a straight poss.), pre-flop raiser moves, I decide I have to call, I'm good. Knock out J9 when he moves with his short stack and I call w/AJs. A9s in SB, flop nut flush draw, pair my 9 on the turn, spike flush card on river for a big 'un from Sol (Shahmat). DN sure has to battle hell these days with the bounty on his head and the way players go after it. Almost nice never having him at my table so I can play my regular game, you know? 3rd @ the break w/6K. Get rid of a hand that would have broke me-good job Ben. QQ in the BB, 2 players go all-in, I should just fold but I err, AT, KK, A on the flop damn it. I push w/QQ pre-flop again over a min. raise, no calls. QQ again, push over the top again, no callers, s'OK though! Toss an out of position AJ to a solid raise pre-flop. Back up to 5K. KQ out of position gets thrown as well. Is that too tight? KK v AQ holds v j2k99. Limp w/AK early and get a suited K high flop-thank goodness Alf had garbage. QQ, folded to me in the BB-ugh. Out in 22nd (1 better than last time!), AQ v AT, flop 2T2, turn T.

Rusty Trombone (our softball team) goes 5-1 after defeating the only undefeated team in our league tonight! Granted we have 2 wins by default, I was told we really whooped 'em up last week, and this week we had another helluva game! A missed deep fly and another blundered easy ground ball were made up by my hitting tonight: 2 RBIs my 1st at bat to bring us into the ballgame and make it 2-3, then driving in the go-ahead run as well. Exciting game, came down to the wire, our 10-7 lead holds at the end. Even almost had a fight!

$50 @ Bugsy's and all I have to show are a few MTT entry tickets: a WSOP Seat, 2 $1K freerolls, and a DE Qualifier for a $10K. FCP has been kicking me in the nuts as of late. Hope I can manage a decent finish in the Neg-O today. The Cuke pushed me down to 3rd with his big win last week and it's an extremely close race behind me. Qualified for the next round in UB's Million Dollar tourney. Used 50 points to enter a 23 entrant match, 10 move on, when we got to 10, I was in 1st with almost double of the next player. Saturday is the next stage.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Riders go 2-3

After a grueling 40 minute back-and-forth battle, Chris triumphed over Rhinestone Cowboy of team Broccoli-way to go! So all teams with the exception of (of course) Negreanu's Thieves are tied in our division. But then again, it hasn't been DN winning their matches but rather Jayboogie as a matter of fact. In other news, I qualified for a $110 seat by winning an 8 person $5.50 tourney, the winner of the next stage walks away with a $10K seat at the WSOP. Can't believe Jack fell for the "call from Kim" at the end, even I saw something fishy about it. Now we have to wait until January to see WTF is happening to Jack in China?!?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I deposited at Bugsy's yesterday to see if you get more play for your money-10K starting chip stacks for MTTs instead of usual 1-2K. But the blinds start at 25/50 and increase every 10 minutes and the betting is proportionate so there really is no difference. Dropped $300 in about 3 hours at the house last night playing short-handed. Disgusting. Couldn't really get anywhere in the FCP Redeposit freeroll with a $1K prize pool and a $6500 1st place WSOP package today.