Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Official!

I get an autographed FCP Custom Jersey for my devilish (4th place, 666.72 pts) finish in the 2nd quarter top 9! I also get to advance to the end of year Tournament of Champions Date/Time TBA as well as also earning an entry into a $200 winner take all freeroll where Daniel Negreanu will join in as the 10th man. This tournament date and time will also be TBA and most likely after the WSOP.

Alan listed a few 'fun facts' about the 2nd quarter in the forum .....

-There were 563 unique players this quarter.

-There were a total of 1661 total buyins this quarter (I made 12).

-There were 296 people that only played 1 tournament (Thank you all for juicing the points pools).

-There were 14 people who played all 13 tournaments and 6 of those 14 made the top 9 (I missed one).

-Daniel played in 5 of the 13 (holes at TPC Summerlin) tournaments this quarter.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Third to donk out of the Neg-O in the last one of this period, 87th-ha. Suited AQ, open for a raise and it is re-raised behind me, call, even though I fear AK, flop an Ace and check-raise all-in anyways, and my dumb ass was right. I blame it on the hash. Regardless, I still believe I should finish in the Top Nine for the period. If not, I should be banned from FCP and possibly poker in general. If I do win, I wonder if I can switch my prize to whoever played Eric Bana's wife in "Munich"-sweet Jesus, perfection is possible...

Bunch of luck and loose play as the night progressed nets me about $250, help in paying for my lodging in Sin City. Start off by re-raising Mateen pre-flop w/KK, who brings it in for $5, I kick it to $10. Flop QJx, all spades, Mateen bets out $20, I call (with 2nd nut flush draw) and he says he's all-in before the turn falls and I call. He flips AK of hearts and another spade locks it for me. A few 46s boost my stack throughout the night. A Glenn Chervin. Leaning on Eli w/the Perkins, verbally announcing it, knowing he'd fold to my re-raising him all-in. Jiddy, 10-4 good buddy.

Quote of the day, from the mouth of Eli "Eeyore" Stanley: "I've been short-stacked my whole life." This was after he complained how he had just folded 25 and would have made 2 pair. I get 25s right after and raise pre-flop, flop 46s, 10s completes my flush on the turn for a nice pot. But it was also before I sucked out an unbelievable 2-outer on the river to steal a very large pot from him. So if I was to respond, "It's the fight in the dog, not the dog in the fight," it might be considered uncouth, but after all, it is the "Home of the Loose Call."

Room reserved @ Binion's, 5 nights, $300. Poker room rate may even lower that while I'm there. No wireless access in the rooms other than dial-up with AOL-WTF is that?! Guess the Nugget across the street has it though.

The 2006 World Series of Poker has begun!!! Event #2 $1500 NL HE has my #20 pick from the Fantasy Pool, Carlos Mortensen, with the chip lead right now (I removed Devilfish from my list and he is at #6!).

Maybe I should spend some money on some groceries instead of a vacation?
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Last Neg-O of Session 2 manana-50 points over 5th and 1 point behind 3rd. Dropped $50 online. That's what I get for playing in class.

ONE new tire: damn near $150. After a crippling suck-out in a ring game @ UB early this morning, I somehow manage to FT a $15 NL HE MTT w/74 entrants. Stupid Blackjack-your mere presence is an evil thing. DN and Mike Sexton trading punches for the TOC crown.

1st place paid me a little over $300! Flight to Vegas: PAID FOR.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Oakland takes 2 of 3 from San Fran!!! Oakland-.547, SF-.493! Suck it J&J!! Just booked a flight to Vegas, leaving Wednesday the 19th, 5 nights, returning Monday the 24th, $222. Now need to find accomodations for my stay...

Riders back at .500 with a win by Mathias over Bayside. A half-hour battle that had our player on the ropes early but he came back with a fury to win in the end-awesome job Matty!!! Thieves also take a win putting them at 6-4 now. Nothing like waking up in the morning to a flat tire. Sucks especially considering I am now seriously contemplating a Vegas trip during WSOP time...