Saturday, September 30, 2006

The end of an era

With school back in full swing and me actually attempting to have a life outside of my computer monitor/TV, I have decided to make this my last post here. I may have to come back at the least to make the obligatory post #164 though. The poker scene at home has slowed to a halt pretty much. I still plan on playing when and where I can, of that have no doubt.

To recap the end of my LA trip a couple weekends back: Waking up to a flat tire was sweet; looked soft before I left so I added some air but apparently the trip down killed it as it went dead overnight. Nice when the first thing you get to do in the morning is crawl under your car and jack it up and change a tire. Fucking nails on the roadways, I swear it's a goddamn tire company conspiracy. I think I was last talking about having some fun with Scott on a table, where I was performing my very best mock Asian accent. Until my THC-laden brain registered that 75% of the room was in fact Asian. Hey, I ruzz jus joking ferrahs, come on. No traffic at midnight, about the only good time to drive in this congested hellhole. Fed a squirrel right out of my hand; Amy & Stu have been feeding him and even named him "Squirreltime," I was also told there was another who met an untimely fate unfortunately.

The tournament I came down for didn't go so well. Level 2 and I was out already. QQ, set on the river, but also gave the flush to my opponent, who didn't even realize it until another player pointed it out. Fabulous; not even an hour for my $330. I wasn't doing too bad: AK, flop top 2; 77, make the call, 95% sure I'm good, which I was; picked up an extra 600+ in the first level. Still better than the poor guy who busted in the first 15 minutes with AA v JJ when the Jacks called and turned a third. Huge turnout, they passed the 720 cap. I later heard 1st paid out in excess of $80K. Each hand of mine cost me $110-sweet.

Frank, that fucker, got me good. As we had never met before and I had no idea what he looks like, he sat down next me and starting asking me about FCP. I thought he was the player who was in the seat next to mine until he let me in on it. Goddamn bastard, it was funny though. Good poker face-"Who's Negreanu?"!!! Played the cash games afterward till the sun came up and left a loser. Fell down and then got most of it back but then somehow pissed it all away again when a player who couldn't miss sat down at my table and destroyed everyone.

Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo concert was great, realized though I am now becoming middle-aged as I looked around at the rest of the audience.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usBought a new desktop with AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core technology for $1500 because it sounded bad-ass and Daron put it together for me. So big it wouldn't even fit on my desk. It does have a drawer though.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usMullets & Nachos: what ballgames are all about. A's clinched their division, not for me though, as they were unable to do so either of the 2 games vs the Angels I went to. 3rd out of 8 my first FCP Superstars match, 1st my 2nd! Bummed that the new Neg-O Mixed Games League is on Tuesday nights during my Biology class. Saw a VW Cabriolet with only 1 rear wheel, centered in the back-there are some wacky hippies in this state, let me tell you (and I know a lot of 'em!).

Two tickets @ $25 a pop, PLUS $8.30 EACH for a "convenience" charge, then another $4.60 on top of it all for order processing. So I ended up spending like $71 for the 2 tickets after all was said and done-buy 2, pay for 3?!?. Fuck Ticketbastard.

I love California in the Fall...
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