Saturday, June 03, 2006

Finally back on the winning track. $1K Gtd. NL HE w/18 entrants, creating a $100 overlay. Take the lead at the FT all the way down to 3, where my 55 gets snapped by an Ace on the turn after we get it all-in pre-flop vs AT and that leaves me with the short stack. End up in 3rd for a $145 win after 3+ hrs.

Started off good then blew it. Last night, had quads 2X w/JJ (Jer also had quads w/33 and 77-he ended up owning the table pretty much), boss full with/AA, 4 Queens in Jiddy, then ended up -$200. J quads w/33 and 77. My WSOP Seat MTT today, increase my stack by more than 50% then get busted on a T98 flop w/QQ v KK v A9 to put me out early. Doom on me. Did get my schedule for the summer and fall squared away though-12 units in the summer and 17 in the fall.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Trombone took a loss with only 8 players on the field. Wouldn't have mattered even if I had shown up because there were only 4 girls.

Last day of classes was today. Got both my final assignments in on time for English and Sociology. Didn't get any sleep at all but that was my fault. Exams next week.

Down from a pack a day/2 packs every 3 days to a single cigarette yesterday and 4 today. And a tin of the Bear which just didn't do it. I guess it's a start.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

3 cases of energy drinks, free from Student Life at school. Totally unnecessary but free is free, right? CRV is +EV for me; I don't even drink anymore but 12# of cans from my buddies from the past few weeks is another free $15. Tried to up my rank @ PSO by trapping with flopped trip 5s but another King came on the river of course to stymie my attempt. Missed the A's game today-Daron had free tix, 6 rows back from the A's warm-up mound. Unfortunately stuck at home, trying to hammer out my final assignments for the quarter, which I've of course procrastinated to the very last minute. Went to Casper's for a Chili Cheese Dog anyway. What a great invention-up there with the Bacon Cheeseburger. Which I had one of yesterday at the Elite Grill on campus. Which very soon all of the food vendors at school will be replaced by Aramark. Corporate America-God bless. Negreanu Open in an hour...

Busted out early of the Neg-O this week. That's gonna hurt me in the standings. Bleh. No DN, but Bob put a $54 ticket bounty on his own head and Royal offered a bounty on himself as well.

Played some more @ PSO. Started in the Bronze League (up to 10 MTTs) at #4 on the list, bumped up to the Silver League (10-19), #6 @ 83.22% from 12 tourneys. Took 1st in a 5-person Limit 7 Card Stud match. 2nd out of 9 in NL HE. Another 1st in a Limit HE w/18 entrants! Top 3 in every League get Sponsorship Points every month-apparently 500 convert to a $500 live tourney buy-in. Last day to break the top 3 that means. Fun hand: after playing some 4-6's and showing, I type in chat that I've got my favorite hand once more. Someone behind me raises and I call from one of the blinds w/72 actually, flopping Q37 and once again typing 5!5!5! in chat, 2 comes on the turn and I raise, blank on the river and QJ is beat for a nice pot. Not fun hand: I have JJ and move on a pot, JJ calls and so does KQ. Flop undercards but turn a K. Hey, guess what? No more Jacks coming! Playing a freeroll today, 7 of the 10 at my table are stting out. So I'm stealing every single blind I can. But dig this: another player actually checked it all the way down to a player sitting out. And lost. Twice. Hello?!?

Monday, May 29, 2006

$750 Gtd. Late Night Fifty @ Bugsy's had a $250 overlay 2 minutes before it started. It dropped to $50 in those 2 minutes. 14 people, more like SNGs these MTTs are at Bugsy's really. But it took over 3 hours. AA creamed QQ to help me, then my QQ held up in an early 3-way pot too. Made a great Ace high call-down in the 2nd hour. Throw away a pair of Aces on the flop to a set when we were down to 3 as well. Final hand 92 v 57, flop 955, turn 5, river 2. 2nd nets me $170. Been playing at PSO as well, I signed up for a month (nothing really worth it as far as I can see); yesterday I won 2-27 and 21 entrants-and tonight I took 2nd out of 51 in a pretty solid competition. Top of my game tonight baby.
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6 hours at the house for -$100. Not a good one. Another addition from or whatever it was I listed on, Steve. Finally a MTT win online. Granted it was a $3 buy-in and there were only 30 people, but whatever, I'll take it (and the $33 prize) after the past month I've had in MTTs online. After 4 months of screwing around in the FCP forum, I have accumulated over 1,000 posts and "Veteran" status. Talk about productivity.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Riders slide to the bottom of the division as Mathias takes a loss to Lost Leader. At least the Thieves lost too, what little consolation that may be. I grabbed an extra $50 for outlasting 258 entrants in a freeroll at Bugsy's, busting 5th when I slammed into Rockets.

FCP has been bastardizing my bankroll as of late. This weekend was nothing but one giant suck-out on me; so bad I think I'm only gonna play the Neg-O there for a while. Hell, it's the online tournaments that have been killing me over the past month as a matter of fact. Last week of classes coming up before finals. Watched "The Ringer" and "Grandma's Boy". The Special Olympics movie had some funny moments but the video game tester one had me rollin' quite a few times.