Saturday, June 17, 2006

I am so out of place at the gym. First round lasted a mere 20 minutes. Thursday night at the house was all about Moran pummelling through rounds of Blackjack. And a pair of Eli's friends for some wild randomness. At least I broke even. Found out we had to forfeit our game on Wednesday. Took down a 25-person qualifier for a $54 ticket off $8. Half-dollar NL HE table @ FCP: A9 v AK on a 9 high flop helps gain a little ground. KK helps some more. The best though is a set of 8s on the flop v QQ, the case 8 coming on the river. An hour and I'm a little over double for +$50. 2 1/2 hours @ a $1 table and I double again for the most part, plus $55. Went down for a while till I made Broadway and it was good from there. Bust out of a 1+1 $10 Rebuy MTT in 14th for a little disappointment and -$30. Aces go 1 for 3; cracked once in the MTT to a garbage hand that trips on the river and again in the ring game to KK on a KKQJA board, the one winner I make sure to shut down the pot on the flop in the ring game for a few extra bucks. Another misclick costs me $5-gotta stop doing that. Lose 3 $20 freeze-outs in a row against Jer and Josh but then win 3 in a row, the last 2 for double stakes, ending +$140. And I honestly haven't been playing that much poker. Congrats to cfinnn for winning a WSOP seat and Brian Fidler for his stellar performance in the Circuit event in Tahoe!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stopped into Kelly's when I was in the area and it was pretty dead. It was a Monday afternoon but still it was sort of sad-looking. But of course there was one $3/6 table going with an empty seat so of course I took it. Even though $3/6 is a sucker's game and I told myself I won't play it anymore. Started off by making the runner-runner nut flush. Then I got run down for $100 to a bunch of crap by a bunch of bums. Like the $30 NL HE MTT @ FCP I just got bumped from in the first 5 hands. AQ, call UTG, button raises to 5X the BB, 3 other callers, flop Q-rag-rag, w/2 diamonds. I bet about half the pot with top pair, top kicker, raised behind me, 1 caller in front of me, I push over the top, re-raiser folds, BB calls, shows flush draw with baby cards AND HITS ON THE RIVER. Remember, this was 5 hands into the tournament. New X-Men movie wasn't quite as good as all the hype. Dr. Crane as Hank McCoy was cool but what a lack of character development for Archangel!? The Juggernaut's catch-phrase was worth it all. Stayed through all the credits at the end so the producers could leave it open for a sequel-lame. New Superman looks pretty good. Squeezed into the top 30 of the Neg-O last night even though I was at my roommate's sister's graduation, keeping me in the #4 slot of the leaderboard. Way to go Alicia! Wonder how the Trombone fared...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Yesterday: Sat around the house and watched 3 movies-Aeon Flux, Date Movie, and Underworld Evolution. Aeon and Underworld were alright for sci-fi action, as far as Date Movie goes, I want the hour and a half of my life back. Then I lost a little money on the NL table online when my JJ ran into AA and 88 to 99. Today: Signed up for a 24 Hour Fitness membership. There's a first for everything. Still 3rd on the Neg-O leaderboard. Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Riders hit .500!

After a grueling back-and-forth battle that lasted almost an hour, unable to close after taking the lead a few times, then going under and coming back, the deciding hand came as I sucked out a 3-outer after the flop. The Thieves as well as the Cigar Lovers both suffered losses so our 3 teams now are tied with 4-4 records while Broccoli is 4-3 going into their 8th game. Go Cheap Shot Artists!

Friday night picked up maybe an extra $20-30. Saturday night's marathon session that ran for almost 12 hours netted me around $600.