Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Disgust: Dedicated to Mr. English

2nd time in a month that I have been bounced from the Neg-O while holding AA. Sucked out on both times by Jester. Both times it has been when we have gotten under 30 players and he is sitting on a much bigger stack and I raise and he puts me all-in; this time his 88 spikes a boat on the river (another 2-outer for the clown). Aggravating to say the least. Especially when he is hot on my heels on the leaderboard. Look both ways when crossing the street you bastard. 3rd going into this week, wonder how I'll look tomorrow. Everyone says I am a shoe-in but I am still a little nervous. Bad officiating and a missed pop fly by me to put a loss on the Trombone's record. Last 2 finals tomorrow and I have a week off before summer quarter kicks in.

Decided to play some more. Bounced out of a MTT when AJ raises, I move, called behind me by QQ and KK and another AJ, and an Ace makes its way onto the board. Go for some H/U practice, 0-2. 1st one lasts awhile and we get it in when I'm over 60% favorite. But my opponent flops a higher pair. 2nd one lasts all of maybe 7 hands-I get it in as a slight underdog but opponent flops a set. Qualifier for a $30 tourney ticket for $5-in the lead by over 13K at the break w/5 remaining. Like I can't miss a flop. The rest of the chips on the table don't even amount to what I have-I could just sit out for the rest...

Been playing a little tourney poker online and have been going from chip leader to bubble boy repeatedly, after making some donktastic moves. $1 NL has been a little better this morning online, playing pretty tight, 1 major hand to double me up in the 1st hour: AK v A3 on an A3K flop. Plus it's cashed my next $40 bonus. 2nd hour turned the nut flush and flopped a set of deuces but couldn't get paid off on the river; lost that profit back on a weak pair of Aces and a couple misses. Like my 72s that flops a pair w/the flush draw (but I knew if I hit I would get paid by the top pair). And a misclick that thankfully only cost me a few dollars. Get sucked out on a couple times and then make a poor bluff moving into hour 3. Keeps going further south as more pocket pairs flop overs and big cards get no help. Flop top & bottom pair and I check-raise to $25 into a pot of almost $15 with 4 players. 1 caller and the middle card pairs on the board and fucks me in the ass. AK tries to buy a pot without a pair, putting me all-in on the river w/TT, doubling me back up to $100. Same player calls my top pair, big kicker down for a little more. And again when I make trip Aces on the flop. Bet a flush on the come that spikes on the river. Then I flop quads w/44 the very next hand. Flop a set w/33. JJ very next hand. I leave after 3 hours +$70. That covers the online tourney buy-in losses of late. Watch AA beat KK for a $130 pot as I'm leaving-that is always the worst. A $90 pot, same winner/loser again, moments later, QQ v AK. 2 finals down, 2 to go. Thinking about doing a couple days down in Carmel/Big Sur on my break.

Monday, June 05, 2006


The title says it all. Figured it out the 2nd to last hand I played tonight (this morning). I bumped it pre-flop on the button, flop 357. You bet your sweet ass I had a suited 46! Threw away the right card to flop the 2nd nut flush in Pineapple (not Crazy mind you) to bust both Jiddy and Steve at once and end our short-handed game. 5+ hours at the house for +$100. 2 hours right before that at the Grand to come up almost $500 on the $6/12 table. Right off the bat I make the nut flush. Then I get my Queens in the hole run down by a jackass who calls me all the way and makes 2 pair on the river with a stinkin' 24. KK-flop 3JJ against 33 and Jx, turn K and I take down a nice pot when I raise on the river. Trip 8s gets me another decent one. JJ, flop 456 with a flush draw, heavy action commences, turn 6, still heavy betting. I pray for a river Jack and WHAM! there it is! I was up against a flopped straight all along, someone made trip 6s on the turn but I managed my miracle 2-outer for a huge pot!!! WOOHOO!!! Made 2 big suckouts to win the FlopTalk's weekly as well. The 4th day of the 6th month...

The Cheap Thieves also lost today against Gilbertology, creating a 3-way tie for 1st in our division, with us in 2nd. At least we can say we're in 2nd now. It's up to me to bring us to .500 hopefully with a win against the Posse next weekend.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wow. Here's a good one. Raise going to the flop w/AQ. 2 callers, flop K-rag-rag. 1 player moves, I hit the wrong button and go all-in over the top. Opponent shows a King, I need 1 of the 3 remaining Aces in the deck to appear. Or runner-runner hearts for the nut flush. Holy schnike. 67 of diamonds flops a pair and a flush draw so I call an all-in to double up and also take down another big one with KQ. My AK loses to KK but I make a good steal on the river for a solid pot in a subsequent hand. AQ eliminates AJ. AJ makes top pair with Jacks on the flop but gets snapped by a King high straight on the turn then my 22 falls to an Ace on the flop and a King on the turn vs an AK and it's over just like that for me. Should have been over well before that so I guess I should just consider myself lucky. Just not lucky enough to go all the way.

Scott started off good against Czario then slide down to half his starting stack. Doubled up 30 minutes in. Battled back and forth, Scott staying on top this time, ending it with a pair of 4s with a wrap draw vs a higher wrap draw and a flush draw, 4s hold. Scott brings our team to 3-4 with his 2nd victory-way to go Scotty!