Saturday, May 20, 2006

I hate you Barry Bonds. I hope Muni runs your ass over.

Taking a little breather from poker-watched some movies tonight instead. Both subtitled foreign dramas: "No Man's Land" and "Life Is Beautiful"-the first is about the United Nations failure to do anything in the Bosnian-Serbian conflict (much like Rwanda) and the absurdity of and within war itself, as a wounded grunt lies on a mine with a Bosnian and a Serb in the trench with him; the latter is a tragicomic tale about an imaginative Jewish father's sacrifice during his family's imprisonment in a camp during WWII.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thanks for nothing

CD Poker sent me an email saying "We miss you, blah blah blah, we put $25 in your account." 2nd hand, JJ in the SB, raised by UTG, called by cutoff. Flop JT2, flush draw present, I check, UTG bets, cutoff calls, I re-raise, UTG goes all-in, cutoff calls. Turn 9, river 7. UTG shows 28 of spades for the flush, cutoff shows KQ for the nut straight. My set of Jacks on the flop is worthless. Thanks for the 2 minutes of fun, CD Poker. Maybe that's why you haven't seen me in a while?


Tahoe was a good trip for me. Too quick but at least it was profitable. I think I ended up +$300 after paying for the trip. Started off w/$50 on the Blackjack table, played for a while there before heading over to the Craps table, ending up with a few extra dollars from each. Decided to take my $80 to the $2/3 NL HE game and the 2nd hand I'm dealt, T8 in the BB, flop comes TT8. Check, last player to act bets $35, I play my best Hollywood, finally calling. I push the rest of my chips in on the turn like I hit and I not only get doubled up but receive a $90 bonus when the case Ten drops on the board. Funny thing too, Dustin is sitting to my right. Flop an open-ended straight flush draw and push too hard, folded to me, and the dealer shows I would have made it on the turn, raking in another $250 bonus. Oh well. Wheel beats Aces up. Flush is good and I leave +$230 after 2 hours. 4 Card Poker gives me a set of Kings and a flush and I pick up another $200. Lunch at Mott Canyon. Picked up some bargain items from the Adidas outlet. Pay an extra $11 for a wireless connection in my room for the Neg-O. Watch lightning crash over the lake from my hotel window while playing-very intense. DN freaks out as practically simultaneously his JJ gets bounced by an A2 and someone reveals the winner of the Amazing Race in chat. I finish in 23rd when Jester puts my AA all-in pre-flop w/QQ and flops a Q. A later dry session back at the 4 Card Poker table and a try at the casino version of Texas Hold Em puts that earlier $200 win right back into Harvey's coffers. Back to the NL HE game, buy-in for $100. Play a 26s extremely loose (hey, I came to gamble, right?) right off the bat, $75 pot pre-flop w/3 players, flop 578, pre-flop raiser moves all-in, I call figuring a big pair and getting over 2-1 on my money and the board completes 34. AA gets a little more on a K high flop with the nut flush draw. The guy I just tilted (I'd be on tilt probably too after that) with my 26 gives me another good pot on a 7797x board; he had the 9, too bad I had QQ. Then this lady sits down and starts throwing out big bets in the dark, then pushing all the way, only to flip a 23 that made 2 pair on the river, or a T9 that made a straight. I get her both times I play against her though, with big Aces for big pots-she shows me a 46 one of the times! I leave that table after an hour up $370. Piss off $100 at the 3 Card Poker table on our way out, getting nothing better than a pair of deuces the whole time.

Monday, May 15, 2006


I gotta bitch for a minute. I've been getting creamed in my all-ins. Either I'm ahead and getting sucked out on: AK v AJ, AJ flop; QQ v Axs, flop rags, re-raise, move on turn, flush on river; slightly behind: AK v KK; 99 v TT and 2 more Ts on the board; or folding winners prematurely: A6 on suited Ace flop, A, 6; middle pair v 2 overpairs, both make sets to give me flush; KJs for what would have been my 1st ever Royal! Aaaaarrrrrggghhh...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

First I can't log on to Royal Vegas as the CPC3 Regional Final starts. Then I move with JJ, AQ calls and spikes a Q, then with my remaining chips I make a straight on the turn but am outdrawn by a lousy 4 flush, 3 high to add insult to injury. Vatche (self-proclaimed Suck-Out Artist!) disposes of me first in FlopTalk's weekly when he cracks my Aces with a Q2, deuce on the flop and running Qs! $5 1+1 @ FCP. In the 2nd hour, it's raised behind me by a big stack and then called by another in front of me, I move w/44, AK calls, K and 4 on flop! Then suddenly I'm out in 62nd when I call an all-in re-raise w/KQ, knowing my opponent is weak and making a play, and he shows K8s but flops trip 8s!?!

Mathias is AWOL and luckily (thankfully) Theresa was on point and subbed in! She took a loss unfortunately but her play more than made up for the default that might have occurred otherwise. So 1-3 now at the bottom of our division but I'm more than OK about it. Nice big, fat downward slide online-tilted off a total of $250 in the past few days. Do like the 4-man H/U Shootout SNGs though at Full Tilt. got us another new player to the game possibly it sounds like...

Down $100 after about 5 1/2 hrs. Started off poorly when Perkins called my all-in early with K944(?!) to my KK78 and hit a 4. Never got any better really. Daron and Brian came up, the rest of us-Jiddy, Perk, Jeremy, Colin & I-all finished losers. Mathias squares off against EvilGN of Viva La Jopke this morning in Week 4. CPC Regional Final this evening. DN v Sheiky on NBC's Heads-Up Championship Quarterfinals this morning as well. Art assignment today and prep for my 2nd Math midterm on Tuesday and it's off to Tahoe baby.