Saturday, April 29, 2006

Took a trip up to the redwoods to visit some friends. Might be a good place for me. If there was a better internet connection, that is. Good to see all the progress that the Mendo crew has made though-some of it really is a sight to see.

$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 7th (Net loss -$5.50)
Lost over 1/3 of my stack early so began moving on pots pre-flop with limpers. Apparently made the big stack mad, so he called my all-in out of the BB w/QJ after limping again, saying I HOPE I BUST YOU, and he did when the river paired his Queen and not improving my ATs. That's what I get in a 5 dollar SNG.

$20+2 Limit Seven Card Stud MTT
21 players
Finished 19th (Net loss -$22)
Get almost no good starters and can't complete a single draw for the life of me.

$10+1 NL HE Rebuy 1+1 MTT
155 players
Finished 97th (Net loss -$21)
Flop a pair with the 2nd nut flush draw but fail to improve and bust out.

Took down almost $200 in the ring game at the house afterwards in a little over 5 hours of play. Eli brought his girlfriend along and she did pretty well until her KK ran into Perkins' Varkonyi on a QQQ flop.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Starting over after 2 weeks of basically breaking even and then blowing the majority of my FCP bankroll over the past few days...

No Limit Hold'Em
Buy-in: $5+.50 SNG
10 players
Finished 2nd-$15 (Net profit +$9.50)
Leak: Didn't take 1st
$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 7th-AT v AJ, A flop (Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: Committed entire chipstack unnecessarily early on average hand.
#22869136 vs YUHawing
$5+.50 SNG NL HE
2 players
Finished 1st-$10-66 v 22 (Net profit +$4.50)
#22869407 vs BigE---1
$5+.50 SNG NL HE
2 players
Finished 1st-$10-QQ v QT, JJ v JTs (Net profit +$4.50)
#22869847 vs Deftone420
$5+.50 SNG NL HE
Finished 1st-$10-QQ v AQs (Net profit +$4.50)
Three solid back-to-back-to-back H/U performances, making me 11-9, including my league match. But of course my league match is the one I get crushed in probably what is the league record of 10 minutes. Kept constant pressure on my opponents, backed off when I was played back at, and as the big hands show, got full action when I wanted it, taking down all matches in no more than 15-20 minutes.
$5+.50 NL HE SNG
10 players
Finished 4th (Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: Down to 4, player kept moving all-in w/the big stack, finally called w/KJ, could have waited for much better spot and made the money.
#22876775 vs Ct.Chuckula
$5+.50 NL HE SNG
Finished 2nd (Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: Played way too fast out of the gate.
#22876914 vs fartsniffer8
$5+.50 NL HE HU SNG
(Net loss -$5.50)
Leak: KK v 67, I raise, get raised, re-raise, get called all-in, I turn a set, he rivers straight. Really. NHWPS. 11-11.
$20+2 NL HE MTT Midnight Oil
174 players
Finished 70th (Net loss -$22)
Limping too much early in the game, calling when I know I know I am either already beat or my draw will not be strong enough even if I do make it, ie getting over-attached to a hand. Leaks to continue to work on. Somehow manage to turn 190 into 1275 and I get a 2nd chance though. AA, up to 2575. Get rid of a TT that would have been the nuts on the river for a huge pot. QQ wins, very next hand KK loses to a 7 on the flop v 77. A3, flop 332, 4 turn, no call when I move. Make it to the break in 53rd out of 75. Down to 620 when I can't release 8s in the hole, just like before w/TT. KK v 99, 9 flop.
$10+1 NL HE MTT Rebuy 1+1
137 players
Finished 35th (Net loss -$31)
AKs beats AJs. Take one down from a bunch of limpers w/AK from the BB. Q high runs into the straight flush. Re-buy when my KK loses to a J6s(?), JJx flop. Add-on. 55 holds against AKs. Release 88 pre-flop to too much action-AK v AK v AQ-would've held again. AQ v AQ v 88, Q high flop. Limp w/AK and re-raise the big stack to take it down before the flop. JT flops 2nd pair and I outplay the button. AQ v TT.
$5+.50 NL HE MTT Plus 500
488 players
Finished 369th
Leak: Donk off my chips on an inside straight flush draw that becomes a pair on the river.

Daily Summary
Starting FCP Bankroll: $109.21
Ending BR: $51.71
Day's Net Change: -$57.50
Net FCP BR since 4/27: -$57.50

My UB account has $35.03 in it, after sending Zimmer his due. Also have $322.58 in Bonu$, which convert at a rate much too slow for my low limits, making them just as useful as the 184,704 play chips right next to them.

Definitely not helping my bad run any by making poor moves to further add to the defeats I've been subject to lately with the good hands I do have that get outdrawn. Pop it pre-flop w/AA, flop 88A, check all the way, laying the trap, bites on the river, possible flush? AQ, flop AAx, turn A, check it all the way again, re-raise the river, no call. Obviously have the fear put into my table now as I'm off to a great start for a change. Solid lead begins to dwindle though until I get it all-in w/66 v 88 as a big dog, but I flop a 6 then turn the case 6! 99 v JJ hurts. Too bad this is all a micro-level SNG instead of the Aussie or the $10 1+1 I took the max in or any of the other low buy-in MTTs I busted out of tonight. AK v KQ v KTs, Ace and a King on the board then I make a stupid call w/AJ v QQ. KQ v K9, 9 on the river to put me out in 3rd. Still can't finish even after an early lead. Get a couple pairs of Ladies to finally gain some ground in a $20 MTT w/109 entrants after getting shoved around early in the match. AJ on the button flops top pair in a raised pot. KK gets outdrawn by 44 for a small loss then I get it back when I turn a Q w/KQ v AJ. River trips for a little more. 5220 @ the break, 11th out of the 35 left. Man, I really need a solid one for the win column. AQ gets me into 7th. I fold a 66 on an unhelpful flop and watch as it would've made a set on the turn then I play ATs big and it cuts me in half. Move w/99, get called by AT (started sweating-especially when my screen momentarily froze before showing the flop!), board makes 8 high straight, putting me back in 8th! Have to chop a big one w/AQs v A5 when the board double-pairs-bullshit. No action w/KK on the button pre-flop. Same amount of chips (actually +80) as at the break but 14th out of 24 now. Have to abort a pair of Jacks on the flop to a re-raise, then move w/99, called by AK, K on turn, out in 23rd. And we lost our softball game to top it all off. I went 3 for 3 though, 3 runs, 2 doubles, a couple RBIs too.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Theresa's KK finally held out against my AQ in Ryan's weekly game, which she went on to win. Me, it's been up and down over the past few days, unable to make any progress really. Lost some online then made it back at the house. Get to play in the Neg-O before softball this week, hopefully maintain my current standing.
29th this week, after a great first hour of play putting me in the top 10, I run into one of Randy's boys holding AA against my QQ and I'm down all the way to starting. Call AK's all-in but my 6s get outflopped.

Find out I will in fact be receiving $75 for my 3rd place finish in the CP Rep freeroll. Also submitted this blog as a sample of my writing in hopes of somehow being rewarded with a chance at a WSOP internship this summer! (Hint, hint, John-check out the CardPlayer link I added too!)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

FCPHUPL Season Opener

Theresa took 2 from 3 from me last night but I got her twice this morn, both times w/KK. First one I got to turn a straight for the right price, 2nd we got it all-in before the flop, I flopped my A. Beat Mathias once this morning too-had him down then he came back then I ground him down again until we both held J7 with trips on the turn but I scored a 4 flush on the river. Feel real good about today's match. Pulled my H/U practice record to an even .500 (8-8) with these 3 wins. Lost $40 to Zimmer on a side bet when he beat Randy-damn. Less than an hour to go...

Balloon guy busted me in 10 minutes. Ugh. Very first hand I turn the nut straight. Then it's all downhill. Go out when I flop a better pair but he turns a set, giving me a straight draw to boot, and we get it all to the center because I can't really see a hand he'd be playing that was that strong on that board the way it was played other than just trying to shut me out of the pot. But he does and I don't improve. Disappointing start to the season. Then I bust out of a MTT early when my JJ loses to an A2 that flops a deuce but picks up running Aces. Then I'm 1st out of my own private tourney that I got some FCP crew to join when Theresa flops top set and I have the nut flush draw the hand after I was crippled by a re-draw on the river. Out of another MTT when my TT runs into QQ after a solid 1st hour of play and halfway through the field. Flop-talk's weekly game in a little, which I've gotten Chris and Theresa to join as well this week, then it's essay time...