Saturday, July 08, 2006

Positive: A FCPer, Looshle, Justin P. (CT boy!), is in 2nd (behind the Mouth) in Event #13 on Day 2 (you can actually find out more about him on my MySpace page). Good luck bruddah!

Negative: I just broke my bong-argh.

Free $20 from CD Poker for no reason and $15 at UB AND Bodog for the July Card Player freeroll. Can't get past Stage 1 in the ONPC-won a Stage 1 ticket from a SNG and twice in a row I placed 2nd, which gives me back my original ticket + $7. Other MTTs online I just can't get a grip on as I am able to build a respectable stack early then blow it in the middle to later stages. Hot again, over a hundy-ugh. Tried's software but it just clogs my system if any other apps are running. Some cool features though. Met Michael, aka Pogue from FCP, as he lives across the Bay from me. Real nice guy-hopefully we'll see you (and Alan!) back at Checkpoint Charlie's next week. Or at Binion's apparently. If you ever get the urge to rent the movie Ultraviolet that just came out, DON'T. Horrible futuristic "thriller", she did have some cool guns though. Got to see Scott (sloshr from my H/U team) play on Live @ The Bike online.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Bad news: I went on tilt the other night here and steamed off way too much money.

Good news: My brother Josh is engaged. Whoa.

Oh yeah, and Kenneth Lay died. What a sad day for America.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Quick post before I have to actually do some homework since I'm gonna throw a 4th of July game tonight. Fucking bubbled (143rd, 130 out of 1000 paid) in a Frenzy tourney-can't really bitch since it only cost a total of $4. Dial For Men soap-it's about time we got our own soap. Seriously though, marketing thinks they are so clever. Well I did buy it after all-but only because it was on sale for 3 bars for a buck. Price slashing-that's the real way to move some goods. Live and online play combined for around 2 thou for the month of June. Only 2 or 3 losing sessions. And the mothafucking jersey baby. One last thing: I love Firecracker popsicles. But sometimes the jokes are so completely retarded that you want to jam the stick into your own eye just to stop the stupidity of it all.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thanks FCP!

Couple AKs and I ain't walkin' anywhere but right into 1st place w/4 left. AA traps 33 w/3 left. KK traps H/U for $150! Great way to start off this breezy, sunny summer day, eh?

Started off the holiday weekend out on the Delta for some wakeboarding and a sunburn. Tried this snowboard-like board with slip-in bindings that Stuart had but it was way too squirrelly for my uncoordinated ass. Not as crazy-busy as I had anticipated. Julio and Tracy's new puppy is adorable, Disco, a chocolate lab. Game last night had Jiddy taking half the pot and Joey and I splitting the other half. Brian managed to not go totally broke with ACES FULL against Jiddy's JJJJ-man, I would have gone broke twice on that hand! Theresa played a great H/U match against Gary2121 today which unfortunately ended in a loss but she played really well I thought. She took an early lead but then a flush made her the shorty but she battled back twice before a another flush undid her straight. So the Riders are 5-6. Playing in the FCP Newsletter Freeroll, 1st place pays $150 out of 162 entrants. Somehow still in it, making key suckouts. 4s v 6s, snag a 4. KJ v 66 against same player, flop J6x, I get running JK!?! AQ has AJ dominated on an Ace-rag-rag flop. T2s in the SB flops 2Q2 and gets AK to commit to the flop. Re-raise all-in from the BB w/AQ and the second the original raiser re-raises all-in as well I know I am beat already by AK but I score a Q on the turn!!!